Bringing Hope to Caribbean Orphans

 Sozo collaborates with “Cuidamos de Ti” to address the needs of the marginalized in this impoverished Caribbean country. The ministry team of Cuidamos de Ti serves orphanages, the elderly, children’s hospitals, and engages in prison ministry for children who have ended up in the system due to involvement in drugs or prostitution. Our primary objectives include ministering to the hearts of these children and demonstrating the love of Jesus to them.

To convey this love and instill a sense of value, various activities are organized, including birthday parties to celebrate their lives, Christmas dinners/celebrations, summer Bible camps, and provision of basic needs such as shoes, clothing, and medicines. Sozo plays a crucial role in fostering professional training to equip the children with entrepreneurial skills, ensuring they can sustain themselves once they turn 18 and leave the orphanage. Ongoing programs such as barber, hair/makeup, and mechanic training further contribute to their skill development.

“One of the important programs we support is vocational training.  When the orphans time out of the homes at 18 many do not have any practical skills to earn a living.”  Says D’Anne Hiskey. “Our volunteers equip these young adults with entrepreuner skills, as well as pair them with mentors who teach them the skills to become mechanics, hair stylist or nail technician, photographers, accountants and more!”

A single donation of $300 can help us pay for the tools and help offset educational expenses.

The success of these initiatives depends on partnerships, and we invite you to join us in supporting this ministry. There are several ways you can contribute: [Include a list or description of ways people can support the ministry, such as financial donations, volunteering, or specific items needed.] We appreciate your consideration and look forward to the possibility of partnering with you in making a lasting impact on the lives of these children.


  • Orphanage medical supplies $150 per home  (x 14 homes)
  • Electric motor bike for ministry worker to visit home each day $1500 (x 14 leaders)
  • Christmas parties hosted at each home: Total cost $2000
  • Summer bible camp: Total cost $2000
  • Trainings for ministry volunteers: Totalcost $2000
  • Salary for one ministry leader per home ($50 per month) $600
  • Salary for psychologist and psychiatrist $600 annual each
  • 14 Electric Motorbikes as transportation for each ministry leader per homes $1500
  • Van for ministry to deliver supplies for disaster relief and for food he team transport to home for celebrations and camps $40,000
  • Hair salon and barber products: $300