Christian Life Church, Kyiv

About CLC

Founded in 1992, Christian Life Church has always made its main focus to care for the poor and needy of Kyiv. So it is no surprise that this church is helping to bring aid to neighbors living in the eastern part of Ukraine where rockets have damaged the infrastructure of many towns.

Nearly every other day the church van is being filled with canned goods, rice, cooking oil, bottled water, fruit, and many other items to help feed those who can no longer purchase from shops that were destroyed during strikes.\But the aged van is in need of being replaced. Christian Life Church needs a van!

15,000 Euros is needed to purchase a vehicle for distribution.

Pastor Volodymyr Savtchouk and his wife speaking about the situation in Ukraine:

“The war has continued for three months now and Ukrainians need help. Without jobs, it is impossible for people to provide for and feed their families. Most Ukrainians have depleted their savings and with martial law in place until September 2022, men are not allowed to leave the country to find work. It is a very difficult time for our people.”

Please consider helping this church so they can continue to help their neighbors.



Van has been purchased. MISSION COMPLETED!