Why Sozo?

We exist to empower and connect visionary leaders who are making a positive impact in the world. As a servant and umbrella organization we assist in business development, communications, and mobilization of talent and funds. Hope is out there – it needs a champion.


Our vision is to create positive, self-sustaining movements in the nations we work in, rather than just static organizations. We understand that true change takes time, energy, resources and a long-term commitment. Most of all, it requires connecting the right people, through relationships, to accomplish extraordinary things. 

Whether that’s building homes and churches in a war-torn country, helping entrepreneurs break out of poverty in developing nations, or providing hope to orphans so they can dream big – all these goals require funds and people to be mobilized and stewarded effectively. And that’s what we’re all about.

How We Support Movements

We believe that the best movements are the ones that are spearheaded organically. Instead of sending volunteers on short-term missions projects, we approach things differently. We build long-term relationships with leaders in the countries in which we serve and find out what resources they need to bring their visions to reality. We connect them with the right people, help raise awareness for their cause, provide logistical/administrative support, empower them through training, and champion them in accomplishing their mission.