Sozo Charities

Champion Hope


We Empower and Connect Visionary Leaders to Create a Hopeful, Relational and Abundant Future


Sozo Charities exists to support and facilitate the vision of those who desire to make a difference in the lives of at risk children and families around the world.

During the past year of 2023, over 30 people and organizations in Ukraine received medicine, food, evacuations, and urgent supplies. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians were directly impacted by this funding. Together with our partners, we’ve helped provide 10 vehicles and nearly 400 temporary tiny homes in Ukraine while we help rebuild their communities. Over in the Carribean, Sozo Charities has also trained 40 new business men and women to help bring new life, opportunities and hope to their communities.

400 Tiny Homes Distributed to Rebuild Communities

Tens of Thousands Impacted with Urgent Supplies

40 Business Men and Women Trained to Impact Their Communities


We are currently involved in several international development projects. Each project aims to help improve the lives of the people in that country in some tangible way. To learn more about these projects, and ways you can help support, click the links below.

Tiny Homes for Ukrainian Families

Church Building in Hostomel, Ukraine

Bringing Hope to Caribbean Orphans