Update 3/2/2022:

It is a blessing to see many organizations providing food, blankets, and basic needs for those in Ukraine and on the borders. The crisis is just beginning and much more will be needed.

We’re focused mainly on the people we directly know in the country and who have urgent needs. Needs already met are for life-saving medical – $3065, food and supplies – $1000. Most funds are being transferred for medical kits, blankets, and local transportation. A car is urgently needed to take supplies for those living in villages throughout western Ukraine. The need is $6000. Our friends in western Ukraine are helping to take food, medicine, and supplies to the elderly and sick. A car will greatly help the effort. People outside the cities are vulnerable. Their humanitarian effort is noble and brave.


Update 3/3/2022:

Here is an update from a friend in Ukraine:

“War is when you wash the floors of the refugee center in the morning, at lunch you run to weld anti-car hedgehogs, in the afternoon you accompany international paramedics to the local hospital to meet the staff there in case of emergency, in the evening Load the bus humanitarian aid for Kiev, and the next day in the morning already bring this help in Kyiv. And there was evening, and there was morning, another day.”


Update 3/4/2022:

We would like to thank all those who donated to the Ukraine Emergency Fund. Because of your generosity, SOZO CHARITIES was able to cover the cost of Tatiana’s post-liver transplant operation. Because of the ongoing military conflict, she is not able to return to the hospital for regular check-ups but is receiving instructions by phone from her doctor. Please keep Tatiana in your thoughts and prayers!

Update 3/5/2022:

The following paragraphs are statements by by various friends in Ukraine:

“Russia, in which I was born and spent my early childhood, you have completely gone mad. You persist in your madness, continuing to destroy my Ukraine to kill my fellow citizens. You seek to revive your dignity and attain greatness, but only cover yourself more with disgrace and condemn yourself to death… And my Ukraine stood up and gained glory all over the world!”

“The kids keep asking, “When are we going home?” And all the time I think about those families who have no place to return to. I know this feeling all too well – losing your home and not knowing where to go back. Inside the pain and despair.”

“Still here and helping. Thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot and they keep us safe.”

“Our lifestyle changed tremendously over the last seven days but life still goes on.

Alot of people fled the country but many still remain here. It’s hard to get the essentials (like water, bread, flour, rice and meat) but there still plenty of coke and you could even buy pizza or shrimps without any problem. Most ATMs are out of service but at least you could still pay with your card and get the cash from your card at the cash register at the grocery store if needed. Many people are living in the bomb shelters, subway stations or basements of their building. Some are constantly bombed and attacked but the country and our people are standing strong.”

“Please continue praying for peace and for the end of war. We still have a very long way to rebuild the country, but we need to stay alive and to continue helping those who need help. Thank you very much for all your prayers and support. I really do appreciate it! We all could feel it.”

Update 4/20/2022

Sozo Charities is making an impact in Ukraine. Thank you for your prayers and support. We are making a difference together. Our trip to Ukraine had a number of purposes. Bringing in aid and helping to meet the needs of the refugees was of utmost importance. We were able to deliver urgently needed medical supplies to a local hospital in Kyiv and brought food to those most affected by the bombing in both Bucha and Irpen. The people were so grateful even though their present living conditions were so dire. With no heat or electricity, they are currently forced to cook on open fires on the streets and use outhouses. Just outside their towns are land mines but the Ukrainian forces are detonating them one by one. Hoping it will be safe for the people within the next few weeks.