Wave of Hope

Jump on the Wave Of Hope!

A wave of hope  is forming and it is a GREAT time to catch it!

Watching a set of waves take shape on the horizon and make their way toward the shore is an awesome experience. But NOTHING compares to being out there, on your board, riding the wave in. Surfers will tell you waves were created for them. While that may be debatable, we can all agree that a wave is a phenomenal force that provides us with the perfect a metaphor for change and action. And a  wave of hope is sure to turn lives around in a good way!

Waves are majestic. They’re powerful. They’re refreshing. They evoke wonder and awe. They invite participation. They bring renewal. They gain power with forward movement. They redefine the shoreline.

A Wave Of Hope Can Make A Difference

Knowing there are millions who are struggling in poverty and entrapment to modern day slavery is the first step.  Then we have to get our minds around it and figure out how to respond. We feel so helpless. (Our mind ponders: millions of at risk youth are waiting for the wave of hope to come their way—so what can WE do about it?)

What can our little efforts do? Alone we are a drop in the bucket but together we can be a wave of hope that will continue to grow in strength and power. Someone once said that it only takes a spark to get a fire going. The fact is, each of us can make waves—and together we can move mountains!

A wave of hope–made up of people of all ages committed to reaching out and making a difference–WILL change the world!