Dear Friends,

We just received this urgent request from Ukraine:

Bomb Shelter and Books!


Never thought we would put those words in the same breath, but this is the reality of the Bright Life Pre-K  and Elementary School in Kyiv, Ukraine.


For the past 20 years,  Sozo reps have been supporting this school with teacher training, parenting seminars, and educational resources. With the war looming, the school is in need of a safe place for the children to take cover during air raids. There is nothing sufficient, nor suitable for the children. Bright Life School needs a military-grade bomb shelter that could hold 40-60 persons on the schoolyard. It costs $53,000.


We are hoping to collect the funds asap so the school will have a secure place for the teachers and students during air raids.


Help us protect the lives of these dear teachers and little ones.

Thank you!

Sozo Charities Team


A single Bomb Shelter will cost $53,000.
But its value is priceless.

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