UA Rebuild Project

We are privileged to partner with our friend of 28 years, Oles Sh. —father of 3, and now an unemployed volunteer helping the people of Ukraine. Here’s his update:

 Thank you for continuing to stand with us.  I guess the world is getting tired of the long-standing needs in Ukraine.  And it is not easy for you to find like-minded people and those who are ready to support us.  But I also see that God gives answers in a timely manner.  I will be involved in rebuilding homes and distributing aid to people affected by the war as much as I can.  Pray for protection and a speedy recovery after each trip.  Because, it’s not as hard physically as it is emotionally draining.  It’s hard to see cities destroyed and people wounded by war.  On Tuesday I returned from a two-day trip to Kharkiv.  it was a very effective time.  We brought a lot of medicine for the military.  Food and many other important things for refugees.  Now I am preparing for a trip next Saturday to Uman.  I was invited there by a church that cares for 70 refugee families.  Next week I will continue to work on the restoration of houses in Gostomel.