Due to the recent conflict in Ukraine, many individuals are stepping up to assist the needs of the millions being effected. These volunteers turn their homes into distribution centers, warehouses and even sewing factories. And that is exactly what David and Ygor have been doing for the past three months – serving and meeting the needs of others.

Sozo representative, Kelly Hoodikoff, has known these two since they were teenagers and today they are men of valor driving humanitarian aid to the eastern part of Ukraine.

But they need our help!

As the war is now in its third month, the needs are growing. Many people still rely on volunteers to distribute food, medicine, and other supplies for civilians living in war-torn areas. Sozo can help by sending finances for David and Ygor to continue humanitarian aid distribution. Together we can purchase supplies in Kyiv and other cities and distribute them to the eastern part of Ukraine.

Get your friends involved! Many are asking how they can help. Invite your circle of friends to donate the items below. A little here, a little there, goes a long way.

If you would like to purchase and ship care boxes, Please contact:

Vicki Hoodikoff: vhoodikoff@sozo.org  for further shipping information.




Items needed from outside Ukraine: (suggested links–CLICK IMAGE— please check availability)



Israeli Bandage