Little Lighthouse Preschool

Curriculum Overview

 A Biblical Foundation for Early Childhood Education  — What Makes It Unique

  1. It lays a foundation of the character of God as a basis and model of how we are to relate to the world around us.
  2. It builds, precept upon precept, with biblical principles that are communicated in a language that is understandable to young children. It contains principles that can be found in particular Bible stories, and which can then be applied to a child’s life right away.
  3. It is based on the premise that children can know God personally and intimately at a young age.
  4. It has a strong emphasis on Creation as a central core for learning about the world.
  5. It is highly cross-cultural and has been used effectively in many nations and cultures of the world.
  6. It has been field-tested 25+ years with contributions and input by many preschool teachers who have “grown” the curriculum to what it is today. It is designed to allow for continued growth.


Manual One — Teacher’s Guide

Manual 1 is the Teacher’s Guide with instructional help to start your Pre-school. It also includes lesson and classroom ideas and resources. 

Ukranian children

Ukrainian preschoolers learning through tactile methods

Some topics covered in the Teachers Guide:


  • Teachers that God can use.
  • How your worldview as a teacher influences the children in your care.
  • Developmental stages of young children.
  • The capacity of children to know God.
  • Foundational keys for teaching children.
  • Teaching biblical principles: Bible, Prayer, Practical Application, and Creation lessons.
  • Scheduling tips.
  • A detailed photo-journey through a U of N Preschool day.
  • Classroom management and effective discipline.
  • Preparing an appealing learning environment.


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