Dear Sozo Charity Partners,

Thank you for your generous giving towards helping Ukraine during this unprecedented crisis. With your support we have already helped many people in need.

Over 11 million Ukrainians have been displaced because of the war. Nearly 7 million have fled over the borders and 4 million are finding refuge in cities throughout western Ukraine. These are challenging times. Most Ukrainians do not have a savings account and can not sustain themselves without work for more that 1-2 months. Many families have been separated, due to the crisis, with mothers and their children fleeing the nation while their husbands and fathers stay to protect the nation.

The needs continue to grow but we are thankful for your partnership, Sozo Charities is making a difference. Funding has been used in various ways to help meet the needs of the most vulnerable. Literally thousands now have received aid consisting of food, medical supplies and basic necessities for living (hygiene, bedding, clothes, household supplies). Through our staff and partners, food is purchased on a regular basis and taken to people in need, with some of the distribution to the front lines of the war in Eastern Ukraine. Many people there are afraid to leave their apartments but our aid workers are more than willing to help and care for the poor. Sozo has also assisted in purchasing 5 vans in which our friends can both deliver food and then turn around and evacuate people to a safe place.

We are currently working to purchase 2 more vans and then fill them with food from Poland and drive them to Kyiv, Ukraine. Would you be willing to help meet this new need for $20,000? If so, please click on the Donate button and give today. We are also sending containers in partnership with churches in Maryland and Texas. Please let us know if you have items that you are interested in donating toward filling the containers.

Two of our Sozo Charities representatives just returned from a trip to Ukraine. They were able to see first hand what was happening in the country and be sure that our support was getting to the right people in the right places. More trips are being planned in the following months. The Ukrainians that they met wanted the West to know that they feel their prayers and that Ukraine is so grateful to everyone who is helping their nation at this time.

Together, we are making an impact!